• Ritchey

    Ritchey offers their break away complete bike, made of titanium-carbon. Sizes run from 50cm, 52, 54, 56, 58 to 60cm.
  • Rocky Mountain

    Rocky Mountain's line of road bikes range from cyclo-cross models to those designed specifically for time trial use, track riding, touring and competitive road performance, whether that means a super light monocoque frame of full carbon or Reynolds 853 Chromoly steel frame, or Shimano Ultegra gearing.
  • Salsa Bicycle

    Included in Salsa's line of road bikes are cyclocross racing models,those for long distance touring, and hybrids. The Chili Con Crosso is a dedicated cyclocross bike, while the La Cruz is suggested for alternate pavement or dirt use. Take long rides on the Pistola bike, or get a 29 inch touring mountain bike: the Fargo. Single- and tri-speed bikes (Casseroll models) for commuting and credit card touring.
  • Sampson

    Sampson racing bikes include the Express, Exalt and various Diablo models, including the 745 TT. Sampson bikes are designed for sport riding, to professional level racing. With frame sizes ranging from 48cm to 62cm depending on model, Sampson bikes have features like full carbon monocoque construction, light weight, with many options for forks, wheels and construction.

  • Santa Cruz

    Among the Santa Cruz bicycles the company builds the Stigmata, at 1300 grams, a 54cm in powdercoat for cyclocross racing.
  • Serotta

    Serotta makes custom built road bikes and what they call "ready custom", meaning hand built frames made in a pre-set, wide selection of geometries.
  • Seven

    Seven Cycles makes road bikes suitable for a specific range like club riding, racing and training, to a broader usability including all those plus recreation riding and light touring. With a dozen models in dozens of variations built-to-order Seven offers bikes in stock or custom frames from butted and straight-gauge domestically-sourced seamless 3-2.5 titanium, high-modulus carbon fiber, filament-wound carbon fiber, and fine steels.
  • Shamrock Cycle

  • Shogun

    Shogun road racing bikes come in four series of various sizes. The Samurai and Katana models are made in small, medium, large and X-large sizes, while the Kaze and Ninja bikes are available in 47cm, 49, 52, 55 and 58cm.
  • Sintesi

    Sintesi currently has three lines of road bikes all of which sport monocoque frames: Ravie, Mustang and Blade. Ravie models feature a frame made of composite fiber (glass fiber, graphite, nylon, carbon). Models in the Mustang and Blade lines also feature a vibration absorbing frame, made from carbon fiber.
  • Soma

    Soma Fabrications builds seperate parts so the complete bike better accomodates customer needs. Versatility and customization in mind, Soma bikes are built for multi-day tours and credit card touring, with eleven sizes in the Smoothie ES (road sport bike),
    daily commutes and competitive rides. Soma exclusively uses Tange Prestige butted CrMo steel for their frames.
  • Steelwool

    Steelwool Sweet City and Tweed models come in different frame sizes. Sweety City models are single speed commuter bikes available in five sizes. The Tweed can be a commuter, tourer or single speed, and it can even race cross in a pinch. Steelwool also builds custom bicycles tailored to specific rider size and needs.
  • Surly

    Surly complete bikes include the Long Haul Trucker good for... well, long distances and carrying cargo, the Cross-Check a versatile ride for commuting, light touring, singletrack riding and more, and the Steamroller, a single-speed street bike.
  • Swobo

    Swobo makes their road racing bike, the Del Norte, in fives sizes and with a butted CroMo frame. While the Folsom and Otis bikes are built for urban riding and commuting, made from 7005 butted aluminum; Otis has internal geared hubs making it more resilient against daily use.

  • Terry

    Terry Precision Bicycles focuses on women specific design. Terry's 2009 bicycles include Fast Woman, Isis and Valkyrie models.Their Isis and Valkyrie lines are hand built of Waterford OS2 steel. Terry bikes are made for road racing, cyclocross, touring, or commuting depending on components.

  • Titus

    Titus road bikes come in three series: the Solera, Vuelo and Estrella. Their sizes are 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60, and in the Estrella also 49, and custom sizes available for all bikes. Titus road bikes feature seamless frames of titanium, and unidirectional carbon fibers in the Vuelo series.

  • Tommaso

    Tommaso road race bicycles feature full carbon fiber, titanium (as in the Super Leggera model) or aluminum frames, with Shimano components.
  • Univega

    Univega has five models of road racing bikes, the Via Mountain King Team, Via Strato Pro Carbon, Via Modena Pro, Via Antaris Pro, and Via Laser. Models have frames made from alloy, high modular carbon and Shimano parts.
  • Voodoo

    VooDoo Cycles has a line of road bikes with four different models, Bondye, Rada, Oshun and Avalou, suitable for rides from commuting, day riding, even road racing dependent on each model's characteristics.
  • Waterford

    Waterford builds road bikes with a range of sizes and customization for ride characteristics, like their 14-Series bikes based on a race frame for high-mileage, steep terrain and competition.  Waterford bikes for touring, commuting, sport touring, and time trial rides are also built in the 33-Series with platinum alloy frame, and 22-Series.

  • Qualita

    Qualita manufactures several different styles of road bike from 7 to 20 speed, many with carbon frames. 
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