• Anderson Custom Bicycles

    Anderson Custom Bicycles offers custom made to order bicycles including steel frame road, touring, mountain, cyclocross, comfort and time trial bikes as well as carbon frame custom bikes.
  • Rock Lobster

    Rock Lobster builds custom bicycle frames fro road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes and track bikes.
  • Llewellyn Bikes

    Llewellyn Bikes offers complete custom bikes and custom bicycle frames and components including road frames and track frames made from steel as well as time trial handle bars, handle bar stems and training ergos.
  • Tom Teesdale

    Tom Teesdale has been making custom bicycle frames since 1976. Currently, Teesdale offers a variety of custom bicycle frames including those for road, mountain, single speed, cyclocross, triathlon, track and tandem bikes. Teesdale also makes custom forks as well as frames for tricycles.
  • Curtlo Cycles

    Curtlo Cycles makes custom mountain bikes including bikes with 26" and 29" wheels as well as custom road bikes, cyclocross bikes, travel bikes and tandem bikes. Curtlo offers both custom frames and custom complete bikes.
  • Kirk Frameworks

    Kirk Frameworks manufactures custom hand built bicycle frames made by David Kirk including frames for road, cyclocross, track and touring bikes. Each frame is built to fulfill the needs and precise specifications the rider.
  • Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles

    Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles sells custom bicycle frames that have been custom cut, welded, brazed and finished by hand. Each bicycle frame made at Ted Wojcik is built to custom specifications set by the rider and can be made for 29" or 26" mountain bikes as well as cycloscross bikes, single speeds and road bikes.
  • Igleheart

    Igleheart is a maker of custom steel bicycle frames in a broad price range for mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes and track bikes as well as a variety of custom forks.
  • DeSalvo

    DeSalvo makes custom bicycles from steel and tiatnium frames. DeSalvo also has customizable finish options and sells build kits for do-it-yourself custom bikes.
  • Landry's Bicycles

    Landry's Bicycles customizes Cyfac and Seven Cycles mountain bikes for a custom fit for individual riders.
  • Independent Fabrication

    Independent Fabrication is a bicycle maker offering custom made road bikes and mountain bikes in a variety of sizes with custom options including single speed options, custom paint, wheel sizes and additional bottle brackets.
  • Tiemeyer Cycles

    Tiemeyer Cycles makes a variety of custom bicycle frames including frames for track bikes, time trial bikes, triathlon bikes and road bikes.