Bicycle Bells and Horns
  • Delta Cycle

    Delta is the maker of the AirZound. A loud bike horn, at 115 decibels, it doesn't require batteries and includes a clamp for handlebar mounting.
  • Jitensha

    Jitensha bicycle bells come in two styles, both Japanese, and both coming in either silver or brass and emitting a single ring when struck.
  • Mirrycle Corporation

    Mirrycle makes the line of Incredibell Bells, in silver, chrome and brass domes, plastic clamps, including colorful series of bells and their wood bells, in Padauk and Japanese Cherry wood. Mirrycle can custom imprint their bells with text and some logos.
  • Niagara Bicycle Works

    Niagara sells bike bells from companies like Dimension, Avenir and DMN. With a wide selection of novelty bells, from a hamburger to a floating eyeball or mini compass, they also carry classic metal styles from makers like Mirrycle, Pyramid, Reich and Zefal. They sell horns like Delta's Airzound, a siren bike alarm with microphone, and the Buztronics Bike Pipe that makes motorcycle noises.
  • Safari Bikes

    Safari Bikes makes bikes horns and bells. Their horns feature steel construction with rubber bulb, as well as a musical model and a retro look. Their bells are also of metal construction with various finishes.